Grow a selection of delicious herbs from seed!


Rather than the standard basil, coriander and parsley herbs we hope these interesting varieties add some artistic flair to your kitchen:


  • Garlic Chives (approx 120 seeds)
  • Florence Fennel (approx 500 seeds)
  • Lavender (approx 500 seeds)
  • Corsican Mint (approx 15 seeds)
  • Celery Leaf (approx 2,300 seeds)
  • Parsely Moss Curled (approx 500 seeds)
  • Dill Hera (approx 550 seeds)
  • Lemonbalm (approx 800 seeds)
  • Marjoram (approx 1,000 seeds)


Easy growing guides and standard GB second class postage also included.

The Ultimate Herb Box