Potting On

After sowing your seeds in trays or coir discs, follow these tips for potting on.

All trays and pots should be sterilised before use to avoid pests and diseases and fresh compost gives seedlings the best start. This is because previous growth will remove some of the nutrients needed to grow, so using fresh ensures there is enough nutrients and minerals for your young seedlings.

Using Coir Discs

When using the provided peat free coir discs to sow your seeds, you’ll need to pot on when they become root bound.

This is when roots have reached the fabric covers of the discs. There’s no need to remove the outer fabric, it’s compostable so simply follow these easy steps:

  • Prepare a 9cm or 12cm pot, loosely fill with a good quality peat free compost.

  • Use a cut off broom handle/end of a trowel and push into the pot to create a perfectly sized hole for the coir disc seedling.

  • Pop in the seedling and firm down.

  • Water well allowing good drainage (no standing water).

  • Pot on again when root bound or plant out into your container (after the last frost) or vegetable / flower bed.

  • Feed 1 x week using a home-made comfrey fertiliser or a good quality organic fertiliser.

Using Trays

When sowing in trays, seedlings will need ‘Pricking Out’. You need to make sure you have enough pots for all seedlings (if you want to keep them all!).

When seedlings have their first true leaves(the second set of leaves) they will need Pricking Out to allow enough space to promote an established root systems.

  • Prepare a cellular tray or 9cm/12cm individual pots and fill loosely with fresh peat-free compost. Pots should be at least 7.5cm deep.

  • Use your finger or a dibber to create a shallow hole.

  • Choose the strongest seedlings from the tray and while gently holding onto the leaves use a dibber or pencil to ease the plant out of the tray, retaining as much of the roost system as possible.

  • Transfer your seedling to its new pot and firm the soil around the plant. Water well and allow good drainage.

  • Feed 1 x week using a home-made comfrey fertiliser or a good quality organic fertiliser.

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