February Box

Thank you all for your support and we really hope you like the contents of the February box!

Included are:

  • Borage

  • Coleus Wizard Mixed

  • Chilli - Hot Pepper Pot Black / Chocolate Habanero / Patio Fire

Sowing instructions are included in the boxes but please find some more details and tips below to help you get the most from your seeds.

Our February Herb - Borage

The bee superstar! Borage provides a lifeline for pollinators in early spring and throughout summer. They have one of the fastest nectar re-fills, within 20 minutes!

Borage self seed very easily, so once grown in your garden there's a good chance you'll never have to sow again. If you'd like to help them along you can collect seeds quite easily in late summer months and sow the following spring.

Grows to a height of 1m so easily manageable within containers or beds but can take over so keep trimmed if space is an issue.

Sow one or two seeds per compost disc or scatter on seed trays with good quality compost. Place in a light location and water well.

Thin out once large enough to handle.

Borage flowers have a slight cucumber flavour and can be used to add flavour to cordials, salads or freeze in ice cubes and pop into summer cocktails.

Our 'Flower' this month - Coleus Wizard Mixed

Ok, so technically this isn't included for its flower. Wizard or Coleus are grown for their beautiful leaves. A bushy foliage plant full of vibrant colour. Equally happy grown indoors or outdoors in containers. Seeds included a mixture of colours to create a vibrant display of reds, yellows, greens and pinks.

Grows best in full to part shade in moist, well drained soil with organic matter added.

Be warned - the seeds are tiny! They are easy to germinate to you should end up with lots of lovely plants.

Sprinkle seeds into compost and gently pat down or cover finely with vermiculite as they need light to germinate. Can be sown on a windowsill at any time of year or in an unheated greenhouse from May.

Thin out after 4 weeks into 8cm pots.

Februarys Vegetable - Chillies!

So this month subscribers got a pot luck of chilli seeds. Included was either the Chocolate Habanero, Patio Fire or Hot Pepper Pot Black.

Chocolate Habanero is one of the hottest chillies around, measuring up to 450,000 Scoville. If you got this one I hope you like heat! Hot Pepper Pot Black isn't much cooler.

Patio Fire, despite its name offers more of a mild to warm heat.

All varieties are perfect for container growing, producing masses of small fruit.

Sow seeds 0.5cm deep, in modules or trays filled with moist compost and place in a warm light location, such as a south facing windowsill or where temperature is 25-30C.

When seedlings are about 15cm high, transplant to their final growing positions in a pot and keep warm and sunny location.

Feed with nitrogen fertilizer once a week once chillies have appeared. Keep moist, but do not overwater.

Perfect companion plants for cucumbers, aubergine, tomato, okra, Swiss chard and squash.

Happy sowing and growing! We'd love to hear how you're getting on.

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